Nelson Miniature Chest - 9 Drawer with Base
  • Nelson Miniature Chest - 9 Drawer with Base
  • Nelson Miniature Chest - 9 Drawer with Base
  • Nelson Miniature Chest - 9 Drawer with Base
  • Nelson Miniature Chest - 9 Drawer with Base
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Nelson Miniature Chest-9 Drawer with Base

Design George Nelson™, 1952
Teak, four-star metal base
Made by Herman Miller®

"The simple joy of taking an idea into one's own hands and giving it proper form, that's exciting."
-George Nelson

Japan had a profound effect on George Nelson. During his first trip to Tokyo in 1951 and several more that decade, Nelson became fascinated with all things Japanese. That influence is evident in the 1952 design of his miniature chests. Reminiscent of tansu, cabinets with many small drawers used for storing a variety of items, the Nelson miniature chests provide wonderful little places to keep things. An interesting addition to nearly any room-whether at home or the office-these chests embody what Nelson appreciated most in Japanese design: ?"a sense of fitness in the relationship between hand, material, use, and shape." George Nelson

Herman Miller founder D.J. DePree saw an article in a 1945 Life magazine featuring George Nelson's Storagewall unit, which was causing a sensation in the furniture industry. He was so impressed that he paid a visit to Nelson in New York and convinced him to be his director of design, which spurred Nelson to found his design firm, George Nelson & Associates. The warm personal and professional relationship between Nelson and DePree yielded a stunning range of products, from the playful Marshmallow Sofa to the first L-shaped desk, a precursor of today's workstation.

Each drawer is hand-fitted by cabinetmakers to ensure proper alignment so the wood-on-wood glides work smoothly. Each model has a drawer with dividers to organize and store small items. True to the original design, chest is teak with a four-star base painted white. An environmentally friendly rosewood stain replaces the solid rosewood drawer fronts used originally. Available in four models.

nine-drawer chest with four-star base:
10.4" w | 13" d | 43.5" h

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