Peter Ghyczy

Peter Ghyczy (1940) left his native Hungary in 1956 on account of that year’s revolution, for West-Germany. There, he completed his secondary education, as well as studying sculpture at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, and architecture at Aachen University. It was after this, that Peter Ghyczy became head of the design department at Elastogran / Reuter, and developed the Gardeneggchair in 1968. Feeling limited by the conventional approach of Elastogran / Reuter, Peter Ghyczy left in 1972.

He again traded in his country of residence, moving to the Netherlands and founding the firm Ghyczy Selection BV, where production of the gardeneggchair has been based since 1998.

Perhaps the essence of Peter Ghyczy’s work, and what signifies him as a designer most, are the smooth blends that he manages to create out of seemingly contradictive concepts. The elements of classical Modernism that can be found in his designs demonstrate this clearly, as well as the Art Deco which manages to live alongside a quick, subtly playful style.

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