Nelson Pedestal Table Outdoor 17 Dia
  • Nelson Pedestal Table Outdoor 17 Dia
  • Nelson Pedestal Table Outdoor 17 Dia
  • Nelson Pedestal Table Outdoor 17 Dia
  • Nelson Pedestal Table Outdoor 17 Dia
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Nelson Pedestal Table Outdoor 17 Dia

Design George Nelson™, 1954
Stone top, four-star metal base
Made by Herman Miller®

"The simple joy of taking an idea into one's own hands and giving it proper form, that's exciting."
-George Nelson

The George Nelson tables reflect the clean lines and pleasing balance of style and function that characterize all his furniture creations. The Nelson Pedestal Table Outdoor has been updated with hardy materials that will stand up to the elements. They offer an auxiliary surface to complement any grouping of outdoor furniture.

Stones are sourced from four North American quarries and are named after their home state: Georgia White Marble, a luminescent stone from the same source that was used to create Daniel Chester French's 1920 sculpture of Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial; Georgia Grey Marble, a cloudy grey stone from the same location used in the 2004 renovation of New York's Museum of Modern Art; Wisconsin Black Marble, a unique dark stone speckled with lustrous green and grey veins; and Quebec Graphite Granite, a subtly patterned granite composed of deep hues used to rich effect in Chicago's John Hancock Center.

Once extracted, two centimeter-thick slabs of stone are cut to order with a knife edge derived from Nelson's original design and given an eggshell-like honed finish. Tops and bases are connected with a bolt that runs the length of the column to ensure strength and durability through years of use.

Two heights, two diameters of North American stone tops and two base finish options enable the selection of the right table, or tables, to suit any open-air arrangement. Also offered with a 28.5" dia. top.

17" dia. | 21.5" h

George Nelson

Metal Furniture

Herman Miller