Cappellini Neo Country Stool
  • Cappellini Neo Country Stool
  • Cappellini Neo Country Stool
  • Cappellini Neo Country Stool
  • Cappellini Neo Country Stool
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Cappellini Neo Country Stool

neo country stool
Design Ineke Hans, 2007
Solid lime wood
Made in Italy by Cappellini

Sober solid lime wood furniture, apparently back to basics. At second glance one notices the texture in the wood turns out differently than initially expected and the cuts in the wood remind us that this chair could only be made now and not 100 years ago. Artificial and natural woodgrain bring together Ineke's interest in innovation and familiarity. This series consists of the armchair, rocking armchair and stool offered with either a natural finish or matte superficial dark blue varnish. Decoration of the upper part of seat is made through a sandblast process.

The work of Ineke Hans, born in 1966 in the Netherlands, immediately appears as a mixture among the creativeness of the designer, the expressive strength of the sculptor and the industrial conscience. From 1998 Ineke studio has created objects for all sectors, from furnishings to jewelry, playing with the relationship between object and people, mixing in an unconventional way new and old productive systems. Many of her projects already belong to collections of important museums around the world and have won numerous international prizes.

24.75" w | 13.25" d | 16.25" h

Ineke Hans

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