Bensen Partu Dresser
  • Bensen Partu Dresser
  • Bensen Partu Dresser
  • Bensen Partu Dresser
  • Bensen Partu Dresser
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Bensen Partu Dresser

partu dresser
Design Niels Bendtsen
Wood frame, anodized aluminum, steel
Made in British Columbia by Bensen

Partu is a practical and economical modular case system that can be arranged in endless combinations and adapted for multiple purposes. It can be used as storage for electronics, a credenza, a side table or as a chest of drawers. The cabinet sits on top of steel legs at a height that is easy to access and use. Each Partu unit is cut from a single veneered panel to ensure that there is a uniform pattern and coloration in the finished composition. Door and drawer handles are of polished aluminum and have a thin profile that do not distract from the fine finish of the wood case. Partu's simplicity of form and exquisite details makes the series a timeless collection.

Partu is offered in a variety of configurations and wood veneers.

partu 02 (1 drawer): 33" L | 15.75" h | 22" d
partu 20 (2 drawer): 33" L | 22" h | 22" d
partu 10 (3 drawers): 33" L | 28.75" h | 22" d
partu 16 (4 drawer): 33" L | 35" h | 22" d
partu 21 (5 drawer): 33" L | 41.25" h | 22" d

Niels Bendtsen

Wooden Furniture