Prouve RAW Compas Direction
  • Prouve RAW Compas Direction
  • Prouve RAW Compas Direction
  • Prouve RAW Compas Direction
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Prouve RAW Compas Direction

prouvé raw - compas direction
Design Jean Prouvé, 1953
Solid natural oak, powder-coated sheet steel
Made in Germany by Vitra

"Build for eternity and objects might become relics of the past. Build for one generation and they might last for generations." -Jean Prouvé

The "Prouvé RAW" collection presents a series of Jean Prouvé furniture pieces interpreted by denim specialist G-Star in collaboration with Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra and the Prouvé family. Born out of a mutual passion for this French Modernist's iconic designs, the G-Star and Vitra creative teams have worked together to give some of Jean Prouvé‘s best known designs a fresh and contemporary look and feel, while re-discovering the charm of some of his lesser known pieces. "Prouvé RAW" is a collection of design classics, which embrace the essence of Jean Prouvé’s work - a contemporary reinterpretation for today’s generation.

Jean Prouvé‘s designs use a language linked to necessity and construction while simultaneously giving technically innovative objects a poetic playfulness. Generally described as one of the greatest French designers of the 20th century, Jean Prouvé (1901-1984) was an architect, an engineer and a passionate teacher, a prolific inventor, a visionary manufacturer and the founder of the Ateliers Prouvé, which was for thirty years the factory as well as a laboratory for his experimental architecture projects and innovative furniture designs. But above all Jean Prouvé was a hands-on "constructer", who never stopped experimenting with his designs, and was always adapting them to the spirit of the times.

Starting in fall 2011, the objects in the collection will be available for ordering for one year. The Prouvé RAW Special Edition comprises nine designs by Jean Prouvé, the products are numbered and feature a Prouvé RAW label.

Compas Direction features folded steel legs with a tubular steel central crossbar, powder-coated in basalt. Table top is oiled solid natural oak.

49.2" w | 28.7" h | 26.8" d

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