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Offi Perf Boxes

perf boxes
Design Eric Pfeiffer, 2000
Molded plywood, casters
Made by Offi

A flexible solution to your storage needs. These finely crafted boxes stack and rotate independently, free from hardware and held in place by gravity. The Perf Boxes are part of the permanent collection at the SFMoMA. Select two, three or four stack boxes, all on black locking casters.

Eric Pfeiffer is a gifted designer with a deep understanding and passion for innovation and the manufacturing process. His designs result in affordable products with total clarity of form and function that continue to receive wide acclaim and distribution for Offi.

2 stack: 13" d | 13" w | 33" h
3 stack: 13" d | 13" w | 49" h
4 stack: 13" d | 13" w | 65" h
inside dimensions; 12.5"d | 12"w | 14"h

Eric Pfeiffer

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