Mirra Task Chair
  • Mirra Task Chair
  • Mirra Task Chair
  • Mirra Task Chair
  • Mirra Task Chair
  • Mirra Task Chair
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Mirra Task Chair

mirra® task chair
Design Studio 7.5, 2003
Die-cast aluminum, Pellicle® fabric
Made by Herman Miller®

In a world of same-old work chairs, Mirra is a breath of fresh air. With its natural performance, flexible fit, and inventive look, Mirra delivers superior performance for any office task. Its passive ergonomic features automatically adjust to a person's size, posture, and movement. A few active controls fine-tune the fit and feel. Mirra features the responsive TriFlex™ backrest and AireWeave™ seat-suspension material, FlexFront™ adjustable seat depth, Harmonic™ tilt, and more. They all work together in a fresh-looking, practical, supportive, and very comfortable work chair.

The design team at Studio 7.5 in Berlin, Germany, brings together engineering excellence with a passion for innovation and a keen sensitivity to how people interact with design. They understand the science of seating and strive to take it to the next level. The Studio 7.5 team consists of Nicolai Neubert, Claudia Plikat, Roland Zwick, Berkhard Schmitz, and Carol Zwick.

The Mirra chair helps Herman Miller reach its goal of sustainable design. It is made of a minimal number of parts and is easily disassembled for recycling. Mirra chairs are 96 percent recyclable, with 42 percent recycled content. The base, frame and armpads come in 2 colors, the molded polymer back comes in 8 colors and the Aireweave™ suspension seat in 11.

27" w | 17" d | 42.75" h max | seat: 19.75" w | 16" - 20.5" h

Basic model: Standard tilt, fixed arms, fixed seat & TriFlex polymer back
Loaded model: Tilt limiter, seat angle, adjustable arms, FlexFront seat, Triflex back & adjustable lumbar

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