Magis Dog House
  • Magis Dog House
  • Magis Dog House
  • Magis Dog House
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Magis Dog House

dog house
Design Michael Young, 2001
Polyethylene, stainless steel
Made in Italy by Magis

A super stylish, ultra-modern home for your four legged friend. The Dog House is constructed of molded polyethylene and elevated by stainless steel rods. Also includes a brass plate with the standard slogan in latin ?"AMICUS FIDELIS PROTECTIO FORTIS" (faithful friend strong protector).

Michael Young has been amongst the most successful and influential designers of his generation. He is astute in the fields of interior, industrial and furniture design and has shown his work in prestigous galleries around the world. He continues his design work as well as consultation on various projects.

19.4" w | 35.5" d | 30" h
Available in orange.

Michael Young