Foscarini Maki Suspension Lamp
  • Foscarini Maki Suspension Lamp
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Foscarini Maki Suspension Lamp

Design by Nendo, 2011.
By Foscarini.

Take two sheets of paper and roll them up together, creating something that resembles a seashell or a flower. A simple, instinctive and almost infantile gesture, this is a shape that tells a story, a simple and intuitive object both poetic and beguiling.

The Maki Suspsenion Lamp from Foscarini is a small suspension light in lacquered aluminum available in two colors: classic white and warm, intense gray. Providing direct and precise light, the dual lighting effect characterizes Maki and creates a suggestive theatrical effect.

Material(s):  aluminum

Dimensions:  3.5" D X 11.75" H X 200" Max Overall Length