Flos Gun Lounge Floor Lamp
  • Flos Gun Lounge Floor Lamp
  • Flos Gun Lounge Floor Lamp
  • Flos Gun Lounge Floor Lamp
  • Flos Gun Lounge Floor Lamp
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Flos Gun Lounge Floor Lamp

lounge gun lamp
Design Philippe Starck, 2005
Cast aluminum with injection-molded polymer, 18K polished gold-plated finish, plasticized paper diffuser
Made in Italy by Flos

"Why doesn't furniture show that everything is a political choice? I am a designer and design is my only weapon, so I use it to speak about what I think is important."
-Philippe Starck

The Gun collection by Philippe Starck is an exemplary series of lamps consisting of table and floor models. The 'gun' is made of a die cast aluminum with injection-molded polymer overprint and a polished, 18K gold-plated finish. Offered with a matte black diffuser with a silk-screened gold printing on the inside.

The gold of the weapons represents the collision between money and war. Table Gun symbolizes the East, Bed Side Gun symbolizes Europe, Lounge Gun stands for the West. The black shade signifies death
The crosses on the inside are to remind us of our dead ones.

As one of the best-known contemporary designers in the world, Philippe Starck has placed honesty and integrity at the core of his designs producing quality products with longevity & durability.

Starck Musings:
"To Life, To Death
First there were attempts at life, then the draft of life, then life itself. A civilisation was crafted so that life could live. The great, beautiful life, guaranteed to everyone, surged and survived until today, the 21st century. Bravo! Rest in peace.

After just a short period of enlightenment, the shadows return, fast, dense and menacing. Rewind, death is at the door.

Nowadays we kill - religiously, militarily, civilly. We kill out of ambition, out of greed, for the fun of it or of the show. Republics turn bananas. Tyrant are our masters, designed, manufactured, sold, dreamed, purchased and used, weapons are our new icons. Our lives are only worth a bullet.

The Guns Collection is nothing but a sign of the times. We get the symbols we deserve.
Happiness is a hot gun. Glory to our dictators
To Life, To Death"

66.7" h | base: 17" w | shade: 22" w | 16.7" h | requires 1x240w max bulb

Philippe Starck