Cappellini Mr B Armchair
  • Cappellini Mr B Armchair
  • Cappellini Mr B Armchair
  • Cappellini Mr B Armchair
  • Cappellini Mr B Armchair
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Cappellini Mr.B Armchair

mr. b armchair
Design Francois Azambourg, 2006
Metal plate, polyurethane foam
Made in Italy by Cappellini

The Mr. Bugatti or Mr. B collection by Francois Azambourg is composed of a chair, high stool with and without backrest, low stool and armchair. The collection is produced using thin metal plates injected with polyurethane foam and polish lacquered in white, blue, yellow, grey, red or black.

François Azambourg is one of the leaders of French interior design and contemporary movement. Fascinated by the idea of "light as material", he creates suggestive and magic objects using unusual techniques and material both strong and light at the same time. His career began by experimenting with new materials and designs which led to form the basis of his philosophy: a designer must be able and willing to contradict himself and not be held to his original choice of style. His projects are a blend of techniques and style of applied arts. Azambourg has won numerous awards and also cooperates closely with Japanese Companies dealing with plastics recycling.

23.75" w | 25.25" d | 27.5" h | seat: 15" h

Francois Azambourg

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