Cappellini Body Raft
  • Cappellini Body Raft
  • Cappellini Body Raft
  • Cappellini Body Raft
  • Cappellini Body Raft
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Cappellini Body Raft

body raft
Design David Trubridge, 2002
Beech plywood, solid beech
Made in Italy by Cappellini

An open-air figural rocking chaise lounge, Body Raft is an impressive "body raft" for any individual looking to completely relax. The beech plywood internal frame and the slats of curved, solid beech provide a euphoric and meditative environment for the relaxation process. Just lay back and rock yourself to a place far far away.

English by birth, David Trubridge graduated in 1972 with a degree in Naval Architecture. In 1981, he sold everything he had and set out on an open ended adventure which took him through the Caribbean and out to New Zealand. There he began to product furniture inspired by his trips and contacts: a series of objects born from Maori canoe forms. Light and flexible structures, they are his translation of looking at nature, of transmitting the simplicity and the fragility of human life.

98.5" w | 33.5" d | 11.25"-24.25" h

David Trubridge

Wooden Furniture