B&B Italia Dip & Double Dip Bench
  • B&B Italia Dip & Double Dip Bench
  • B&B Italia Dip & Double Dip Bench
  • B&B Italia Dip & Double Dip Bench
  • B&B Italia Dip & Double Dip Bench
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B&B Italia Dip & Double Dip Bench

dip & double dip bench
Design Chris Howker, 2006
Stainless steel, plastic glides
Made in Italy by B&B Italia

Dip & Double Dip benches convey a feeling of massive solidity and, at the same time, have a refined minimalist look. These benches are built using a sheet of stainless steel with a thickness of 1,5mm and a circular sanded finish. The shapes are obtained with special technology involving milling, bending and welding. They appear as sculpted monoliths with a contrasting interplay between soft, curved forms that are concave and projecting, and areas with a more squared-off look.

Chris Howker was born in the UK. He graduated in art & design from the East Surrey College and received his masters from the Royal College of Art. In 1998 he started work at the David Chipperfield Architecture studio and then with United Design in London where he designed interiors for prestigious hotels all over the world, as well as developing projects as an industrial designer in the bathroom furnishings, soft furnishings and interior design accessories sectors. Today he collaborates with important design companies on furnishing elements and interior design.

A piece of sculpture in the form of a minimalist bench in stainless steel, the material used in their construction makes them suitable for galleries, corridor areas, atriums and can also be used externally. They are offered in a single size and in two different shapes.

dip: 90.5" w | 13.3" d | 17.3" h
double dip: 90.5" w | 13.3" d | 17.3" h

Chris Howker

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