Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon
Born in Sfax, Tunisia in 1959, to a French/Latvian mother and an English father, Dixon moved to England aged four and spent

his school years in London.

It wasn't long before Dixon's sculptural objects began to get recognition and commissions and exhibitions followed. This rapid

increase in demand required a more plentiful and reliable source of materials. He turned his attention to ready-made forms

and technology to feed his increased interest in industrial techniques and batch production.

As Dixon's international reputation grew, he was approached by Italian furniture design company, Cappellini. He began to be

taken seriously on the international stage as Cappellini worked to put some of his designs into major production.

Tom Dixon's appointment as Head of the UK design studio at the furniture retailer Habitat in 1998 was considered

controversial. He came from a self-employed background instead of a corporate culture and was never considered

"establishment".Dixon led the company through its biggest makeover and quickly won recognition by becoming Head of

International Design in 1999 and Creative Director in 2001.

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