Borge Mogensen

Borge Mogensen (Denmark 1914-1972)
Borge Mogensen was one of the most important among a generation of furniture designers who made the concept of "Danish design" known throughout the world. Together with colleagues such as Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner, Borge Mogensen created international respect for Danish furniture design, and his simple and functional designs have for more than half a century enjoyed worldwide demand. He trained at the School of Arts and crafts and at the Furniture School of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (1936-42).

Between 1942 and 1950, he was head of FDB´s furniture design studio, but left to found his own design studio in 1950. During his time with Kaare Klint, Borge Mogensen fostered a deep commitment to producing classical, simple and highly functional furniture. He also became interested in researching contemporary lifestyles, in order to develop domestic objects that are customized for specific uses. Continuing Klint’s innovative studies in how the size and proportion of objects should influence their design, Borge Mogensen, collaborating with Grethe Meyer, produced a project in 1954 called the Boligens Byggeskabe (Construction Cupboards of the House), which introduced the idea of building shelving and storage units as part of a room, rather than purchasing and placing them in the space.

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